Legacy Astrology is an advanced, simple, easy and practical approach to finding out what one has set up in life before physical embodiment (The "Plan"). This unique system assists in bringing extreme clarity to your "Plan" and how to re-attain and utilize your gifts to bring optimal results to the present moment and life goals. While growing freer from the chains of the past and utilizing the pearls of wisdom from it through the power of aligning free will and life's many options with one's cosmic and earthly connection to the divine.

Choosing the right Legacy Astrology Reading for you


For beginners

1. Discover what your path is and how you're free will, destiny, and fate work together in your life. 2. What hurts you the most and how to make the pain stop hurting so you can move on to the next level of your life. 3. What makes you feel the most nurtured and loved in life, and how to attract love almost effortlessly every day. 4. How to switch from just being happy to genuinely tapping into your pure joy in life.  Includes one four hour session. 

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